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June 21, 2019 - 2 minutes read

Interested in Instructional Coaching? Want the best resource available? Contact the best-Bruce and Ellen of TPIIC!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Bruce and Ellen back in 2016 where I shared what we were looking to do in the school I worked. I was invited to attend their multi-day conference. At the time, I held the deputy principal position at my school. After my conversations with Bruce and Ellen over Skype and exploring the resources on the website, the principal and I talked and jumped at the opportunity to attend the conference to find out more about instructional coaching.

The conference was awesome as I was able to network with those currently working as instructional coaches and listen to their testimonies and how it has benefitted teachers they work with. They were able to inform me about the look fors and to “consider this or that.” Returning to my school, and moving into the Acting Principal role, I continued to dialogue with Ellen and Bruce to see how it could work based on the structure of my school system. They have been a huge asset to me and the school as we move closer to implementing instructional coaching. The resources on their site have been great guides to assist with what I know to be a move in the right direction with coaching teachers. It’s a direction that is tried, true and tested. Thank you, Bruce and Ellen, for your continued support and I look forward to working with you to become an Instructionally Coached school and ultimately school system.

Kalley Baxter Williams
Sandys Secondary Middle School
Bermuda Schools