Laurel School District, PA

June 21, 2019 - 2 minutes read

Imagine a school . . . where students partake in engaging lessons designed collaboratively by both teachers and instructional coaches. A place where administrators carve out time for teachers to work with instructional coaches within the four quadrants and through the BDA cycle of consultation. A place where instructional coaches meet regularly with administrators to design meaningful learning opportunities for teachers, ultimately benefiting the students. This vision is possible when school districts make a commitment to implementing or continuing an instructional coaching program and tapping into the resources and endless possibilities offered by the Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching (PIIC).

My school district has afforded me the opportunity to work with PIIC and gain access to all of its benefits. Therefore, I work with a mentor whose primary role is to guide and support me as I tackle my instructional coaching roles and responsibilities. I attend and present at PIIC’s professional learning opportunities to tap the collective expertise of mentors and coaches from across the state of Pennsylvania. I also participate in monthly meetings with instructional coaches from my area to discuss pertinent topics to move my practice forward. I have access to PIIC’s framework and professional resources through its website and resource guide to build teacher capacity within my district. Recently, I obtained a copy of the professional text, Instructional Coaching into Action, written by the leaders of PIIC to guide my work and move our program to the next level. It is through these collective experiences I am becoming a more effective and reflective instructional coach. I would like to thank PIIC for its role in building a stronger instructional coaching program for the teachers and students in my district.

Are you ready to take advantage of these assets to begin or improve your instructional coaching program? My wish for you is to experience the benefits of PIIC for your school district.

Shelly Mrozek,
Laurel School District, PA