Elizabethtown Area School District, PA

June 21, 2019 - 1 minute read

My involvement with PIIC has transformed my practices as a coach. When walking into a newly created role of “instructional coach/interventionist” with nothing more than than a vague job description and a shared vision of enhancing student learning across the building, I was desperate for some models of successful instructional coaching. After being connected with PIIC through monthly networking meetings and one-on-one support from my mentor, I began to better understand my role as instructional coach and develop my own vision and idea for what my role would be as a coach. The support extended to my school through yearly coach-administrator goal-setting sessions, on-site visits from my PIIC mentor, and shared resources from PIIC networking meetings.

I feel as though I am knowledgeable about educational research, have developed a professional learning network of people I can count on, and developed a deep understanding of the facets of effective coaching because of my involvement with PIIC. Participating in networking meetings, engaging with my PIIC mentor, and reading the coaching blogs and newsletters continues to challenge my thinking and make me a more reflective professional.

Jana DelMarcelle
Instructional Coach/Interventionist
Elizabethtown Area School District, PA